New Zealand-Style Ice CreamNew Zealand-Style Ice Cream

We hear you asking, “What is New Zealand-style ice cream?” Is it made with sheep’s milk? Do they twirl it the other way? Is it served upside down?

No. 😊

New Zealand Style Ice Cream is a mixture of our freshest sweet cream ice cream and a scoop of fruit, made to order in our New Zealand made machine. This concept was born on the berry orchards of New Zealand where it is known as Real Fruit Ice Cream. Before your eyes you’ll see us scoop our homemade sweet cream ice cream into our New Zealand made blending machine. We then add a scoop of your desired fruit, the machine pulverizing and blending the fruit and ice cream together. The result is a deliciously creamy “soft serve” looking ice cream consisting of ⅔ premium homemade ice cream and ⅓ real fruit.

The flavor and color of the ice cream comes from the fruit, nothing artificial, just real ice cream and real fruit—it’s that simple and that delicious! People keep coming back as they love the natural taste and the way they feel after eating their happy cone—our customers tell us they feel lighter and can feel good about including real fruit in a serving of ice cream for their kids.

Hand ScoopingHomemade Scoop Ice Cream

We make our ice cream flavors in small batches using local Colorado dairy. And we couldn’t be called a New Zealand Style Creamery without offering the iconic flavor of Hokey Pokey – vanilla ice cream with chunks of airy, crunchy honeycomb toffee. At Happy Cones we take our Hokey Pokey seriously, making all our honeycomb from scratch to avoid all the funny stuff of factory made confections.

At the shop you WON’T find 40 different flavors, where your stress levels increase trying to come to a decision and then realising that 30 of those flavors have probably been sitting in the freezer for a couple of months. Rather, you’ll have 6 freshly made flavors to choose from: 4 classics and 2 rotating flavors from recipes that have been perfected over the years and handcrafted in our shop. We believe in making REAL ice cream, so nothing artificial—just REAL ingredients, made fresh.

Vegan GelatoVegan Gelato

Our guiding philosophy is “everyone leaves happier,” and that includes our dairy free and vegan friends. We always have a couple of delicious flavors of vegan gelato on offer. We make our gelato using alternative milks, our favorite being coconut which pairs well with both chocolates and fruits. We try to offer a chocolatey flavor and a fruity flavor to cover our vegan bases. Even if you’re not dairy free, this is a tantalizingly refreshing dessert option, great on those scorching hot Colorado days.

Real Fruit SmoothiesReal Fruit Smoothies

From our travels to all seven continents, we can’t stop thinking about those fresh fruit smoothies on the street corners and beaches of Colombia. But don’t fear, we’ve brought Colombia to you, importing the exotic flavors of fruit to blend up fresh and enjoy on our patio after a walk around Sloan’s Lake. Or maybe you’ve just finished working out and want to reward yourself by adding a scoop of ice cream to your smoothie. (Don’t worry, this can be our secret!)

Handmade Chocolates

We’ve taken our ice cream making mantra of “simplicity is happiness” and used that with our chocolate making. You aren’t going to find over priced fancy truffles at our shop, but rather Belgium’s finest chocolate that has been lovingly handcrafted by our chocolatier into New Zealand inspired barks and bars… and yes we’ll have our scratch made hokey pokey available in chocolate form!.  Our chocolates make the perfect Christmas present, Valentine’s Day gift, or back up stash for the hand bag in those emergencies when only chocolate can make things better—we understand.