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Want to make everyone happy at your next event with our unique New Zealand style real fruit ice cream and our homemade scoop ice cream? Then you’re in the right place.

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Hap's Story

“To create an authentic New Zealand ice cream experience in the heart of Colorado with everyone leaving happier”

My first job as a 10-year-old was picking berries at my local berry farm in my home town of Nelson, New Zealand. With my first paycheck, I sat with my father at the berry farm parking lot and bought my favourite kind of ice cream for dad and I—a real fruit ice cream.

As a 21-year-old, who’d never left his home continent of Australasia, I boldly set myself the goal “to live and work in every continent of the world before the age of 30.”

I left my cottoned wool safety of the rural orchards of Nelson, New Zealand to teach English in a bustling city of 12-lane highways and high-rise buildings: Seoul, South Korea.

Over the next 9 years, I worked 32 jobs on the world’s 7 continents: from oil rigs in Canada, to volunteering at a Mexican orphanage, to cycling unsupported through Africa, to being a 6-star waiter on an Antarctic cruise ship. Halfway through my travels, I met my American wife Mandy who came from Denver, Colorado.

At the end of my world travels, still, the best ice cream I had had was the one from my first job at the berry orchard—a mixed berry New Zealand style ice cream cone.

When I arrived to settle down in Denver with my wife Mandy, I saw that real fruit ice cream wasn’t here, and I knew that I was going to be the person to bring New Zealand style ice cream to America. I rang my long time family friend whose orchard I had worked on back in NZ and told him I needed one of his New Zealand ice cream machines, the first of its kind brought into the USA.

New Zealand style ice cream

This is our specialty, known as real fruit ice cream back in New Zealand where the concept was born on the berry orchards. Before your eyes you’ll see us scoop our homemade, small batch sweet cream ice cream into our New Zealand made blending machine. We then add a scoop of your desired fruit, the machine pulverizing and blending the fruit and ice cream together. The result is a deliciously creamy “soft serve” looking ice cream consisting of ⅔ premium homemade ice cream and a ⅓ real fruit. Nothing artificial, just real ice cream and real fruit—it’s that simple and yet that delicious! People keep coming back as they love the natural taste and the way they feel after eating a real fruit ice cream—they feel lighter and can feel good about including real fruit in a serving of ice cream for their kids.

Scoop Ice Cream

We make all our own traditional ice cream flavors in small batches using local Colorado dairy. Trying to replicate the ice cream that I grew up on in New Zealand, we offer kiwi classics such as Hokey Pokey, and add a New Zealand twist to your old school favorites, like our Salted Caramel made with New Zealand sea salt. We believe in making REAL ice cream, so nothing artificial—just REAL ingredients.

Vegan Coconut Milk Gelato

Our guiding philosophy is “everyone leaves happier,” and that includes our dairy free and vegan friends. We always have a delicious scoop of vegan gelato that we make ourselves using coconut milk as the base, with flavors of the day ranging from lemon and lime gelato to chocolate. Even if you’re not dairy free, this is a tantalizingly refreshing dessert option, great on those scorching hot Colorado days.